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Policy Statements

Our policy statements provide the headlines for how our business operates. Detailed policies and procedures are available on request for review by our customers, partners, suppliers, staff and customers.


Opportunities Workshop maintains procedures and practices which safeguard and promote the wellbeing of all its learners by identifying and applying best practice within the sector and ensuring that the Learner Safeguarding Policy and Procedures comply with legislative requirements and government recommendations.


Opportunities Workshop is obliged as an organisation to protect the integrity and confidentiality of personal data held by us with regard to our clients and employees. We take a very serious view of our responsibilities to comply with the data protection principles.


It is the policy of Opportunities Workshop to recognise and encourage the valuable and enriching contribution from all who work and learn here and the rights of all individuals who come into contact with Opportunities Workshop such as prospective students and job applicants. We are committed to advancing equality of opportunity, respecting and celebrating difference, eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation and fostering good relations between all who work or learn at, or use the services of Opportunities Workshop.