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Home Schooling

Supporting parents and children to maximise the benefits of home schooling.
  • Curriculum planning
  • Study packages
  • Group learning activities
  • Exam support

individual tutoring

Structured support to complete school generated activities and to work towards curriculum learning objectives.

Book daily or weekly sessions that provide structure to your child's home schooling experience and allows you to concentrate on your professional responsibilities, confident that educational targets are being achieved.

small group classes

Maximise continued social interaction and minimise session cost with small group learning activities.  Your child will learn with peers from like-minded families determined to make the best of their child's home school experience.

Our tutors can follow school generated content or planned curriculum for Spring 2021 as suits your preferences.

daily structure

Say goodbye to lengthy negotiations about what activities can happen and when by agreeing a structured study plan led by our tutors to give your children the right degree of organised and independent study time.

Home schooling activities can be scheduled to fit with your family's lifestyle and your professional commitments, as well as the traditional school day.

achievement focus

Our tutors understand your child's curriculum, the standards they need to achieve and the level of understanding they'll be expected to demonstrate when they return to school.

We know there's more to life than exam grades, but ... individual and small group tutoring can ensure your child's achievement levels don't fall behind this Spring and that their academic potential is fulfilled in difficult circumstances.

family relationships

Your relationship with your children is more important that your responsibility to police their home schooling.

By engaging our professional tutors to guide your home schooling experience you can concentrate on making sure the rest of family life works the way it should through this difficult period.