Why you should give online tutoring a chance this summer.

Why you should give online tutoring a chance this summer.

Change can be frightening and overwhelming.

With this missed learning came a rise in tutoring, however, the traditional style of face to face tutoring was not possible. So online/remote tutoring was born and is currently more popular than ever.

More and more resources and platforms are being developed to take advantage of this.

We understand that change can be a lot and many parents are still opting out of online tutoring in favour of the traditional style of home tutoring.

Online tutoring is more convenient for both student and tutor.

Home tutoring requires travel from either the tutor or the client.

Online tutoring has no travel time, and only requires the use of a computer or a laptop to partake in. Something that is a standard part of children’s lives today.

There is no set-up on the students part either, just log in and begin your scheduled session with no hassle, no matter where you are, making it much more versatile than traditional tutoring.

We understand that your children have very busy studying schedules. Because of this, online tutoring is the more convenient option for your children.

Online tutoring has a huge variety of choice.

In some cases, there will only be a small number of tutors in any given area. Even less if you are hiring tutoring in a less common subject.

This is where online tutoring shines through. With online tutoring, you have the choice of a plethora of tutors from throughout the country.

This means that no matter the subject or location, there will be a fully professional, qualified tutor ready to make that difference in your children’s education.

Online tutoring can build children’s confidence at a faster rate than home tutoring.

Because children tend to use computers and technology every day, they tend to be more comfortable learning in a digital environment.

A report has shown that children partaking in online tutoring ask more questions and are confident to speak more than when compared to home tutoring.

Reasons for this could include:

·       Reports show that the majority of children today prefer socialising online rather than in person and feel more comfortable around technology.

·       Tutoring is a great option for children who are not confident in a school environment and home tutoring can be too close to school for some.

If your children are lacking in confidence in school, then online tutoring may be the best option for them.

Online tutoring offers you access to more learning resources than home tutoring.

The number of resources available through online tutoring is huge, diverse and up to date.

All online tutoring companies will have one goal in mind, to ensure your children succeed. To do this and stay competitive, they need the most up to date learning resources.

At tutori, we use a learning resource, which is a learning bank that stores every single online session done by you.

These lessons are easily accessible anytime and also come with a keyword search function.

This means for example if a student is struggling with algebra. They can search for the term ‘algebra’ or even go more specific than that and every single lesson in which the term ‘algebra’ was mentioned will be displayed with timestamps.

This sort of resource is something you simply cannot get with home tutoring.

Online tutoring is a safe way for your children to learn.

Just with home tutoring, every tutor that does any tutoring online has to go through various background checks and qualification checks.

This ensures that every single tutor selected is a professional who will deliver a safe, high-quality tutoring experience for your children.

With tutori, you can be assured that your children will be delivered a professional, safe service.

We access your children, then select the best tutor that matches your children’s criteria, so you as parents can be assured that your children will be getting a high-quality service, safely.

We understand that change can be scary.

This is not to say that traditional face-to-face tutoring is no longer valid, it still has its own merits.

But if this article hasn’t convinced you that online tutoring is just as good, and in some ways even better than traditional face to face tutoring, then why not give us a call on 01245808189 and find out why online tutoring with tutori could be right for you.