Why you should give online tuition a chance this academic year!

Why you should give online tuition a chance this academic year!

With the new academic year upon us and the large amount of schooling missed over the last few years, the additional support of an online tutor might be a good option for you to ensure this academic year goes as well as possible for your children.

But why online tuition?

Online tuition has been on the rise over the past year with limitations in travel and the ability to meet face to face.

A lot of people have been seemingly weary to give online tuition a chance, with a preference to stick with the traditional face to face tutoring.

However, online tuition has many benefits over the traditional style.

What are these benefits?

·       Online tutoring is more convenient for all parties and it ensures you receive your full tutoring time. It has been known for some tutors to include their travelling time into the session, which means the student receives less teaching.


Other benefits of online tuition include:

·       More tools to help your children revise

Good online tutoring platforms act not only as a tutoring platform but as an online revision repository. Some including the one we use, even allow you to search all your lessons specific topics, enabling quick recall on anything who have been taught.

·       It’s easier to adapt to your children’s learning styles online.

Online tuition platforms have more resources to allow a tutor to adapt sessions to how your children learn

·       Audio, Video and interactive resources can all be integrated far easier in an online session to enrich the learning experience and make the student more attentive.


·       Online tutoring gives you access to the best tutors nationwide.

By being able to access a far bigger pool of tutors you are able to ensure that the best possible match for your child and not just restricted to the ones living in your locality.


The delivery of online tutoring grew massively during the pandemic as it was the only way tutoring could be delivered, however most are still continuing to use this method as it opened up their eyes to a different and better way of learning.

With a myriad of benefits and the right tutor, online tuition can be the way forward for your children going into the new academic year.