Why the GCSE-A-Level gap is bigger this year and how to aid in closing this gap for your children.

Why the GCSE-A-Level gap is bigger this year and how to aid in closing this gap for your children.

It is widely known that the jump from GCSE to A-Level is the most demanding your children will face in their academic career.

This already daunting leap to A-Levels is even wider this year due to missed learning from the COVID-19.

A-Levels require a newfound level of responsibility when compared to school.

Not only this, the workload at A-Level, despite doing fewer subjects are much more demanding than in school.

With the lost learning that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, this leap to A-Levels is now bigger than it has ever been.

But how can you as parents aid your children in crossing this daunting gap that is A-Levels?

Start giving your children more responsibility with their learning:

As a parent, you can help by giving your children more responsibilities in school.

Make your children solely responsible for their work at school.

This will not only mature your children in their learning but will boost their confidence which is needed in an A-Level environment.

Tutoring can bridge the gap by regaining some lost learning.

Hiring tutoring is a great way to regain some of that lost learning for the new academic year.

Reputable tutoring companies will pre-access your children to find out how they learn, this will allow your children to regain that lost learning at a quicker pace, just in time for starting A-Levels in September.

Give them a flying start for their leap into A-Levels.

Similarly to the above point, tutoring is great to regain lost learning, but it can also give them a flying start into the new year.

By hiring tutoring now in your children’s chosen A-Level subject/s, you can give them a vital headstart by preparing them for what A-Levels will bring.

With September getting ever closer, time is running out to regain that lost learning to give your children the tools to close the ever-widening gap from GCSEs to A-Levels.