UK Education: From disaster to recovery.

UK education: From disaster to recovery.


Just over 12 months ago, the United Kingdom faced 27 weeks of school closures for most students.[1]

This plunged the educations of students throughout the United Kingdom into doubts over the future.

However, with the efforts from the British people and the Government, the UK has finally started to recover what it lost over a year ago.

·       The Government funded ‘The National Tutoring Program.’ This has provided tutoring from a range of approved tutors to school students from ages 5-16.

·       Alongside this, Catch-Up Premium aims to provide students without any way to engage in remote learning a way to learn.[2]

This Government funded; sector-led program has aimed to substantially increase the range of tutoring available to disadvantaged students.[3]

This begs the question, what about non-disadvantaged families?

Tutoring is still an option for you also and is a great to not only catch your children up but exceed expectations.

·       Despite schools being shut for most students, remote learning has been available, ranging from 3-5 hours a day.

·       In our own experiences, parents stated that it boosted their children’s confidence within learning.

·       Some also described this as ‘learning broadened.’

Parents and schools alike have done a great job with ensuring that their children/students have had the ability to continue learning through this time.

Schools have provided children access to the remote learning and parents have worked hard alongside their already busy lives to provide this learning for their children.

Do you feel your children need a vital boost to catch up through the difficult year we all faced?

Tutoring is on the rise now with demand being high. This is a great way to ensure your children stay ahead of the curve throughout the disruption of the past year.

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