The tutori difference

The tutori difference

Everyone can learn.

Over the past year, tutoring has had a surge in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a parent, it can seem next to impossible to make that final decision on which of the endless tutoring companies and independent tutors will be suitable for your children.

Why not let someone else do the hard work for you?

·       At tutori, we pre-access your children’s learning style and we will match a tutor to ensure a personal, tailored tutoring experience.

We understand that every child’s circumstances are different, that is why here at tutori, we take the extra care to understand your unique situation.

Do your children lack confidence in school?

·       Here at tutori, we will take this into consideration when professionally selecting a tutor for students to gain the best from your children.

Preparing for an exam and want to revise key topics but do not want to shovel through pages of notes?

·       On the tutori system, with the use of bramble, we have a retained knowledge containing every single lesson your child has partaken in.

This retained knowledge bank allows you to enter a keyword, for example, ‘Algebra,’ and every single lesson in which algebra was spoken will appear, resulting in efficient revision.

Looking for a more traditional style of face-to-face tutoring in the ever-growing world of online tutoring?

·       Both faces to face and online tutoring are available at tutori. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate.

Struggling to find a tutor that caters to non-academic subjects?

·       We have you covered, at tutori, alongside doing all the usual academic subjects. We offer a range of professionally taught non-academic subjects.

·       These range from music, sport, art, culture, and digital skills.

Still not convinced that tutori is the perfect option?

Why not call us on 01245 808189 or visit our website at to find out how tutori could make a difference for you.