Invaluable revision tool that will help your children receive better grades!

Invaluable revision tool that will help your children receive better grades!

Wouldn’t it be great for your children to have a revision tool that allows them to revolutionise the way they revise?

With exams likely returning next year, this is a vital question you need to be asking yourself.

Thankfully, now this is all possible.

Now, over time, students will build up their library of revision based on their tutoring lessons that will be searchable by you 24/7.

This smart-search feature provides:

·       Time-stamped search results allow you to jump in at the perfect point you need to revise.

·       Guided auto-complete makes it easy to explore very specific subjects you’ve been taught.

·       Any resources used during lessons (pictures, videos) will also come up when looking for specific topics if they are relevant.

After each session, each lesson is automatically saved into the private room that only you and your tutor can access.

Elaborating on this, each session will come with a synopsis on the thumbnail based on the most topics discussed most commonly in an individual session.

Why is this a useful feature:

·       It lets students, parents and tutors alike know at a glance what the key topics taught that lesson was.

·       Reminds students of the vast amount of content, they have covered.

·       Each session can be labelled and colour coded based on the topic for ease of access.

·       The word count is useful for parents and tutors as it can gauge how interactive your children/students have been and if the tutor needs to change anything.

·       Easy access to every resource used during a session.

With exams coming back into play in the next academic year. We may see results dip. This revision tool can keep you ahead of the curve and give your children the tools they need to fly through the exams next year.

If you would like to know how to take advantage of this invaluable revision tool. Contact us at tutori to find out more.