How tutoring has evolved during the pandemic and why you should take advantage of it.

How tutoring has evolved during the pandemic and why you should take advantage of it.

As another academic year is now among us, the effects of the pandemic on children’s educations are now even more evident.

A recent report shows, on average students in primary school, are five months behind in maths and four in reading. This is higher than during lockdown.

The tutoring industry has been a vital lifeline for parents looking to keep their children ahead of the curve with all this lost learning, with 90% of students in Japan reportedly having had tuition at some point in their education.

This trend is occurring all over, with 41% of students reporting having tuition in some areas of the United Kingdom.

With more competition for top university spots and eventual job placements mixed with all the missed learning, it’s no surprise that tutoring is more popular than ever.

So how has tutoring evolved during the pandemic to fit the new demand whilst maintaining the same quality?

The birth of online tuition.

Online tuition has become the norm for tutoring, with the traditional face-to-face style not being possible over the lockdown periods.

This led to new and improved systems which allowed students to get the most out of their learning through different features such as revision repositories and rewatchable lessons not possible through face-to-face.

Alongside being more convenient for every party involved, online tuition is now the way to go.

Why do I need to take advantage of this?

It is reported that students who partake in tuition could be up to seven months ahead of their peers who have not had any tutoring.

As mentioned earlier, the competition in education is higher than ever with the missed learning, tutoring will bridge that gap and get your children ahead of the curve.

With the right tutoring company, you can work with a tutor that tailors every session to how your children learn, giving them an advantage in their education.

With how saturated the tutoring industry is becoming, picking the right tutoring company is more important than ever to ensure that your children stay ahead of the competition.