How to keep your children’s learning up through the summer.

How to keep your children’s learning up through the summer.

The summer holidays are finally here!

As parents, you may wish to consider keeping your children productive in their learning over the summer.

We understand that after the academic year students have had, the last thing they will want to do is learn.

How can you as parents, keep productivity levels in your children’s learning high during the summer holidays?

Read on to find out.

Take educational trips out.

Museums, zoos and castles are all a fun, low-cost way of keeping your children productive in learning whilst also being a day out.

These days out can also be made more fun by giving them tasks to do whilst you are there.

Hiring the right tutor.

Tutoring is a great way to give your children ahead start going into the new year.

We understand that children may not be too keen on having tutoring during the summer break.

However, hiring the right tutor can make learning fun again! A good tutor will have the ability to take your children’s interests and use that in their learning. Not only will this get your children motivated in learning again, but boost their confidence.

Get your children into reading.

Reading is a valuable way to keep your mind productive, whilst also learning in the process.

Due to the many different genres of reading, there will always be something for your children to read which will keep their interest.

Setting goals whilst reading is a great way to keep their learning productivity up. For example:

·       Get your children to keep a glossary at the back of the book with words they do not understand and meanings.

·       Set your children a set amount of pages to read each day.

·       Plan to see a film that has been adapted from an original book and get them to read the book first so you can discuss it afterwards.

With the future of education still uncertain due to COVID-19, this summer holiday is the perfect time to keep your children’s learning product and in check.