How to keep your children safe online.

How to keep your children safe online.

According to reports, cybercrime costs the UK billions of pounds and causes untold amounts of damage to families.

In today’s society, The Internet is used for practically everything in day to day life.

Today’s generation of children have been brought up with the internet being a major part of their lives, and with this comes an increased risk of cybercrime.

With children’s education is more based online today, it’s important they are as safe as possible online.

As parents, there are things you can do to limit this risk and allow your children to use the internet safely.

Install good quality malware protection on all your devices.

Having a good quality antivirus, being the most obvious step at first glance, however, a lot of people rely on windows defender.

Purchasing high-quality malware protection and installing them onto your devices is a great long term investment into your children’s safety.

Ensure that all your devices are fully updated.

Ensuring that all of your devices are fully updated with each new patch that comes out as soon as possible will limit the chances of having any vulnerabilities that cyber attackers can exploit.

Use two-factor authentication and mix up your passwords.

Utilising the two-factor authentication and mixing up your passwords will minimize the chance of cyber attackers breaching your accounts.

With two-factor authentication, your password alone won’t be enough for any damage to be done.

This is especially important if your children have accounts on these devices.

Set up your devices firewalls.

Managing your devices firewalls is a great way to ensure your children are safe online.

This will stop them from looking at anything you don’t want them to and minimise chances for attackers.

As today’s children gain more use of the internet, it is important that can use it safely.

With these tips, your children can safely roam the internet, not just for their education, but in everyday life.