How has COVID-19 impacted education in Primary Schools in the UK?

How has COVID-19 impacted education in Primary Schools in the UK?

Over the past year, almost a billion days of school have been missed![1] This has massively affected the attainment of students from primary school to university.  

·       A government-funded, sector-led program aims to provide tutoring for disadvantaged children, leaving parents of non-disadvantaged children to pick up the slack.

Does your family fall into this threshold of being entitled to government aid? If not, have you considered tutoring as an option to catch your children upon this missed learning?

·       On average there is a two-to-seven-month gap in attainment in English and Mathematics within primary school students.[2]

In primary school, children learn key skills such as how to learn and what learning style suits them best. These missed months could be vital in the confidence and learning ability of children.

A reputable tutoring company will pre-access your child beforehand to find their best-suited learning style to make lessons tailored and personal.

·       The attainment of primary school test results in Reading and Mathematics has dropped over the past year by almost 5%.[3]

A loss of 5% of assessment, marks could be the difference between your child failing or passing a vital exam. Tutoring can make up this difference and more.

·       School closures mean that the key guidance and support from teachers has been missing.

Primary school is the most important phase of a child’s school life for developing their ability to learn.

Teachers provide key guidance and support, which has been missing over the past year.

Do these points feel familiar to you? Tutoring is a great option that can bring your children a tailored, professional service that makes up for lost time.

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