What is auditory learning and how to take advantage of it?

What is auditory learning and how to take advantage of it.

Auditory learners make up about 30% of the population of the UK.

As I mentioned in the previous article, most schools and tutors will cater more towards the more common visual learning style.

How do I know if I am an auditory learner?

·       Talks to self-aloud when studying.

·       Easily distracted.

·       Likes to be read to.

·       Outgoing personality.

·       Likes to hear people explaining things and likes to explain things to other people.

·       Enjoys listening activities.

So how do I ensure my child is getting the same quality of learning as visual learners?

Some select tutoring companies like tutori will pre access your children to explore their learning styles and produce personal, tailored tutoring experiences.

But you as a parent can also promote your children to do the following things whilst studying to increase efficiency:

·       Studying with a friend so they can talk aloud about the work.

·       Say things aloud that you want to remember.

·       Before reading a chapter/module, look at all the pictures and headings and talk out loud about what you think the chapter/module is about.

·       Readout loud whenever possible to better retain information.

·       Record studying sessions or lessons and listen to them to revise.

Most professional tutoring will keep a recording of every lesson done online, giving an easily accessible revision tool to students. This is especially useful for auditory learners.

A good quality tutor will be able to adapt lessons to this by introducing an auditory style of learning to their lessons.

As we discovered, despite visual learning being the more common learning style, auditory learning can be quite easily catered to.

But what about the least common learning style, Kinaesthetic, which only makes up 5% of the population of the UK.

In the next article and final part of this learning styles series. I will be exploring this learning style and how to effectively learn if you are part of this rare learning style.