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our approach to learning

tutori has evolved from a desire to help young people to achieve their potential.

everyone can learn

We believe everyone has the potential to be successful, we just need to find the right approach to unlock each child's talent.

At tutori your child's learning plan will be individually tailored to develop their ability to learn, understand how they can harness the power of their minds, and become a great student.

By understanding the learning styles that your child is attuned to, we can make sure every lesson plays to their strengths.

tomorrows professionals

By inspiring learning and stretching horizons from a young age we aim to help tomorrows professionals achieve their potential. 

Our tutors understand the importance of developing the skills that  help young people progress through their education so that they can make a strong start to their careers.

time for understanding

We will take the time to get to know your child, your objectives and how they're likely to learn best before carefully matching them to one of our handpicked tutors.

Our structured matching and orientation programme means a faster journey to improved results.

powerful delivery tools

All lessons are delivered using your individual online classroom for more secure lesson delivery, enhanced information capture, activity statistics and transparent reporting on each session.

Students and parents get a full transcription of each lesson and a copy of all resources used. Plus a fully searchable reference library for revision and reinforcement of your learning.

embedded study skills

Your child's learning plan will include practical strategies on how to absorb, retain and recall each topic.  This ensures increased performance in class and confidence at assessment.

For older students this includes taking the best productivity tools from the world of business and applying them to make studying more effective.

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