about tutori

as parents and professionals this is our story


As parents purchasing tutoring services to support our own children's education we found it difficult to objectively choose the right tutor and monitor progress with any degree of certainty.

Tutori represents our desire to make choosing the right tutor a simpler and more reliable process; and a commitment to structured feedback that provide reassurance about the quality of learning achieved.


As professionals working in adult learning and recruitment, we see the consequences of young people being poorly served by mainstream education and possess the skills to effectively match and monitor that underpin tutor services.

Tutori represents the application of these skills, using the best selection techniques, educational technologies and quality assurance processes to look after your child's education.


As our own children have gone through the journey through school, college, university and into adult life we've bought plenty of tutoring - good and less so.  This has helped us understand the wide range of approaches that deliver success, and the importance of maintaining engagement and motivation when things are tough.

Tutori provides a rounded approach to helping everyone we work with engage with learning, find the path that works for them and realise their potential.

because education matters

Our children are expected to grow up and fill our shoes, and whatever comes along we appreciate the need for education to continue.

We established tutori in response to the interruption to mainstream education experienced by our children during 2020 and a conviction that we could take ownership of making sure we provide the strongest possible support to the schooling of every child we work with.